Zwift increases subscription price by 62%

Zwift, the virtual cycling training platform, has raised it prices by 62%.

It may not come as a complete surprise to MAMILS given the success of Zwift’s technology and the popularity of the training platform which has seen numbers rocket in recent months.

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Zwift stats. The platform has seen rapid growth.

As winter approaches in the Northern Hemisphere Zwift may have concluded it was now time for the increase which had remained at £7.99 a month since it changed from a free to subscription service following beta testing in 2015.

The good news for existing users is that they will be exempt from the price hike for the next 12 months, but anyone new signing up will have to pay the increased rate straight away.

The news was received in mixed fashion by social media with many “Zwifters” taking to Twitter to register their displeasure at the price hike.

Zwift CEO Erin Min said in a statement:

“The price increase reflects an improvement to infrastructure and an expansion of the Zwift experience, top to bottom. We’re rolling out new platforms (Apple TV and Android), new functions (group workouts, flexible training plans, running), and new worlds,” Min said. “Users are not going to be paying more money for the same old Zwift.

“As to the size of the price increase, it’s important for Zwift to offer all these new features on a tight time-frame so that our community can reap the benefits in the near term rather than 6-12 months from now.

“A more significant price increase allows us to roll out new product on an accelerated schedule so Zwift’s versatility and value is growing by leaps and bounds rather than by dribs and drabs.”

The price increase gives Zwift an extra $500k per month. Whilst this sounds like a lot (and it is!) Zwift has grown from a small team to an organization of over 100 and have launched lots of new features for this winter season with more planned for 2018.

It’s fair to say that Zwift has revolutionized indoor training for the better and perhaps this was always inevitable. Here at MAMIL SPORTS as long as we keep seeing improved features, functionality and “game play” we’ll keep Zwifting throughout the winter months.

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