Sir Chris Hoy apologises for “harsh” remarks aimed at MAMILS

British cycling legend Sir Chris Hoy has backpedalled on his criticism of middle-aged male cyclists who wear Lycra – or MAMILs.

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Sir Chris Hoy hasn’t been 8 stone for a long time….

The MAMIL SPORTS community (which includes all our MAIDENS) reacted with outrage at the comments with many correctly pointing out Sir Chris Hoy’s heavier cycling weight and also pointing out that it did not matter what they wore as long as they were out enjoying themselves, exercising and supporting cycling.

The six-time Olympic gold medallist said amateur cyclists should avoid the skimpy, fluorescent sportswear unless they are “no heavier than eight stone and with more than five per cent body aerodynamic fat”.

“They’re terribly unflattering,” he wrote in GQ. “From the front, men look like a percentage sign and become see-through when wet. Enough said.”

However, Hoy has since apologised for the remarks.

The 41-year-old took to Twitter saying he was a “14+ stone MAMIL” himself and that the article was tongue-in-cheek

“I’m really sorry; reading it back it looks harsh & that wasn’t my intention. Whatever ur age/build, if ur on a bike u have my respect,” he tweeted.

Cycling has exploded in popularity in Britain. But in his column, Hoy said that too many people feel that they need to be decked out in “a full Team Sky Racing kit” to be taken seriously.

A lot of people think they have to wear brands, something flattering in black or Day-glo to be seen, but Hoy said that should not be the case.

“Decent cycling clothing today is designed with reflective strips or subtle detailing that is visible under streetlights or in car headlights. You’ll find that you can be seen just as well as you would in a builder’s fluorescent vest,” he wrote.

Sir Chris Hoy collaborated with the ultimately unsuccessful Vulpine cycling clothing brand in 2015. Their HOYVULPINE range was designed with inclusivity in mind allowing cyclists to get on their bike without having to wear tight kit.

MAMIL SPORTS recognises that Sir Chris has a genuine “cycling for all” ethos and is himself in possession of some fairly large thighs and a frame that isn’t built for the mountains. We’re sure his apology is genuine and the article was not a true reflection of his views. We still have his V.I.P MAMIL SPORTS membership ready…should he ever wish to join our happy, inclusive, non-judgemental, no barriers to entry community!

Ride Safe MAMILS – whatever you’re wearing!

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