MAMIL The Movie gets it’s official release featuring MAMIL SPORTS (Video)

The MAMIL film is finally here! After a year of research, months of travelling the world meeting MAMILS, and hundreds of hours in production – the MAMIL film finally had its world premiere at the Adelaide Film Festival in Australia.

MAMIL – Official Trailer from Demand Film on Vimeo

Waterbyrd Filmz, a Melbourne based independent film production company, are responsible for this 90 minute documentary film and it is a light-hearted, but also serious, examination of the MAMIL cycling phenomenon.

MAMIL SPORTS (MIDLANDS) , mamil, mamils, mamil sports.mamil sports midlands, cycling, middle aged men in lycra

The MAMIL SPORTS (Midlands) crew during filming.

True to the Waterbyrd Filmz mantra of being “committed to producing high quality films that speak from the heart and have a unique story to tell”, the film gets under the lycra clad skin of these “weekend warriors” and the results make compelling viewing.

Written and produced by Nicholas Bird and Eleanor Sharpe and narrated by cycling legend Phil Ligget, the film will now go on general release via Demand Films.

Some of the UK MAMIL SPORTS community were lucky enough to take part as the film crew spent 2 weeks in the UK meeting “local MAMILS”

Tom (the Founder of MAMIL SPORTS) received an email out of the blue from Nick and, following a rather bizarre phone call at the back of the Microsoft office in London in-between meetings, arranged for the film crew to travel up with him to meet the MAMIL SPORTS (MIDLANDS) gang who were organising successful monthly weekend rides.

MAMIL SPORTS (MIDLANDS) , mamil, mamils, mamil sports.mamil sports midlands, cycling, middle aged men in lycra

Jansch (left) and Tim (right) who organised the rides with Tom (centre)

The day was a great success with 120+ riders being filmed over a gloriously sunny few hours. The film crew also filmed various other MAMILS around the country before flying to the USA to continue filming.

Writing on their website the production team say:

Middle Aged Men In Lycra! At last, the love that can finally be shared — that of man for bike. We’ve shaved our legs and we’re here to stay!

Deal with us, as we sweep down hills on our bikes, stopping for nothing (except maybe a macchiato).

You might be queer in New York, you might be Christian in the midwest, you might be an Adelaide Fat Boy, you might be a lawyer or a cancer survivor, you might be hauling your middle-aged belly up the Col de Tourmalet or just popping down to the shops, you might be on a top-line Trek or a heap of junk, you might be wondering how you’re going to explain all of this to your missus, but you still thrill to the moving meditation of the bike.

MAMIL the film gets it's world premiere in Adelaide, Australia, mamil, mamils, mamil sports.mamil sports midlands, cycling, middle aged men in lycra

The film crew travelled the world filming the global MAMIL phenomenon. Pictured here the MAMIL cycling club from Perth, Australia. Credit: Facebook

Demand Films are responsible for the films global distribution, but it is possible to request a showing at your local cinema if you can generate enough interest.


All you need to do is contact a local cinema (most likely an independent) and then request the film by filling in the details on the Demand Film website (click here – link is external).

We’ll keep you updated via our social media channels as to the films distribution.

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