MAMIL REVIEW: VeloSkin – Specialist skincare for cyclists, by cyclists. 10% off!

We love discovering new cycling ventures and supporting new British brands so when we were contacted by VeloSkin to road test their new grooming and cycling enhancing products we jumped at the chance.

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Chris Bairstow, Managing Director of VeloSkin had the idea to create his grooming range and chamois cream whilst out on a ride.

“As cyclists we are great at watching what we eat, what we drink, missing social occasions to get to bed early for our morning rides or competitive races. We follow training plans and optimise our nutrition to perform to our peak and aid recovery. As well as our bodies we put our skin through so much in all conditions, when do we take time to look after it? I realised a Great British skincare range formulated especially for cyclists was required”.

“I wanted a moisturiser that was light, non-greasy and didn’t cause the rider to sweat whilst training. It was important it could perform on skin exposed to poor weather conditions for sustained periods. The chamois cream needed to moisturise, sooth and be thick enough to last over long rides. To guarantee optimal performance the shave cream was designed to provide a close shave without drying the skin, to complement it the post-shave balm delivers superior cooling and soothing”.

“I truly believe that our skin is the ultimate technical fabric and we should look after it”.

VeloSkin, mamil, mamils, mamil sports, cycling, middle aged men in lycra

With knowledge of these promising and exacting standards Tom, from MAMIL SPORTS, volunteered to put some VeloSkin products through their paces over a few weeks of riding.


The products arrived in a sturdy parcel with packing straw inside to ensure no damage occurred in transit. Each of the VeloSkin products were individually boxed in orange boxes, with white branding and the VeloSkin logo. Opening up the boxes revealed the products contained in sleek black cylindrical containers with orange text denoting the contents with VeloSkin branding on the front. Embossed on the top of each container is the black VeloSkin logo and, on the reverse side to the contents text is the product information, website as well as the words “Proudly crafted in the UK”.

VeloSkin, mamil, mamils, mamil sports, cycling, middle aged men in lycra

Out of the box the products look great – even on an iPhone 5

MAMIL Verdict: Tom says: “It’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into the branding. The products look sleek, professional and are very aesthetically pleasing. The branding is understated and refined. They would be a great addition to the bathroom of any MAMIL”.


The products are naturally fragranced with Orange Blossom and Bergamot resulting in a pleasing citrus smell. Chris drew the inspiration for the scent from the smells he encountered whilst riding in Majorca and Italy. The marriage of the two creates a sophisticated scent in line with the premium branding and packaging.


The range is focussed solely on skin care using the best ingredients with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins to give your skin the best protection and recovery. How did they perform?

MAMIL verdict: Tom says “You probably need a shaving brush to properly apply the shave cream but I still managed to apply it with ease. I was extremely pleased with the closeness of the shave and it considerably outperformed my regular supermarket shaving gel. The post shave lotion also felt great with no greasy or oily sensation left on my skin. The zingy citrus feeling definitely came through and my skin felt protected and ready to face the elements.”

VeloSkin, mamil, mamils, mamil sports, cycling, middle aged men in lycra

Shave Cream: £12
Post Shave Lotion: £15


Chris went through 43 incarnations of the Chamois cream before he decided on the final formula. The ingredients are comprehensive and impressive with every element of the skins requirements taken into account and applied and tested in a demanding performance environment.

Key ingredients are:

Shea Butter
– To sooth and balance hydration levels, cocoa butter to add a protective layer

Cocoa butter – Bursting with healthy, fatty acids to add a protective layer of hydration

Soy wax – Superbly moisturises and revitalises the skin

Witch hazel – Mother Nature’s astringent fights swelling, sores and infection

Coconut oil – Can make the difference between dry, sore skin and smooth, soft and supple skin

Jojoba oil – Naturally anti–microbial, jojoba oil prevents the growth of bacteria on skin.

Raspberry seed oil – Great for sore skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties

Argan oil – Packed with Vitamin E and essential fatty acids; an ideal natural moisturiser

Aloe vera – Helps heal and has sooth due to its anti-inflammatory properties

Vitamin C – Its antioxidant properties make it a vital molecule for healthy skin

Cucumber oil – Detoxes pores to keep things clean and fresh

Wheat protein – Gently nourishes whilst balancing moisture levels

VeloSkin, mamil, mamils, mamil sports, cycling, middle aged men in lycra

MAMIL VERDICT: Tom says: “I’m actually a late convert to chamois cream having only used it once or twice on very long and demanding rides (think La Marmotte, Etape du Tour etc). Recently though I bought some new bib shorts and the damage sustained after a 60 mile ride around Oxfordshire resulted in me walking around the office like John Wayne for the first half of the week! I was very keen to see how the cream performed.

I’m happy to report that the chamois cream delivered very well. I’ve got big thighs for a cyclist and chaffing is an issue. You can feel the thickness as you apply it the cream. It gave me confidence that it could go the distance, which it did. No John Wayne for me anymore, the cream is now a key part of my pre-ride ritual.”

Chamois Cream: £14

VeloSkin, mamil, mamils, mamil sports, cycling, middle aged men in lycra


We all know the feeling after a long or intense ride when our legs are shouting at us. Every MAMIL wishes they had their own personal physio and masseuse on speed dial. Sadly though we’re not Chris Froome and the average MAMIL has to get straight back into their hectic daily routine. Did the soothing gel help recovery?

MAMIL VERDICT: Tom says: “After my post-ride stretches and shower I made a cup of coffee and managed to grab 10 minutes to sit down and relax. It was a nice day so I sat outside in my shorts and liberally applied the soothing gel. I could definitely feel the zing of the ingredients penetrating my legs and the accompanying citrus smell relaxed and invigorated at the same time. A great way to recover after a ride”.

Soothing Gel: £16


VeloSkin, mamil, mamils, mamil sports, cycling, middle aged men in lycra

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