Discover Alpine Australia with Happy Trials Cycling Adventures

Hugging the tip of Australia’s east coast, Victoria is Australia’s second-smallest state, covering 227,600 square kilometres – roughly the size of the British Isles. With sweeping coastlines, pristine beaches and national parks, plus wineries, lakes and mountains this region offers some of Australia’s finest cycling. Paul Millynn wanted to share his enjoyment of this stunning area so set up Alpine Ascent Cycling(Link is external).

Discover Alpine Australia with Happy Trials Cycling Adventures, mamils, mamil sports, cycling, middle aged men in lycra

Paul writes: For many years I have cycled with friends, always talking by the camp fire how we should start some tours from our experiences. Live the dream they say, do what you love, create a lifestyle and travel the countryside, meet some amazing people and keep fit. Now that doesn’t exactly sound like work, and of course it wouldn’t be work, because it would be too much fun, but it was a dream I wanted to make a reality.

After many years of playing football and also being a successful coach, helping to develop, challenge, and motivate others to achieve their goals and improve, now was the perfect time for a lifestyle change. After hanging up my boots cycling became my core fitness activity and quickly developed into a lifestyle habit I enjoyed every day.

I took up competitive cycling at 52, racing in local club events, masters and open state races. I also really enjoy training and recovery latte rides with my friends. They watch me race and enjoy support a friend competing against riders many years his younger. Their support motivates and inspires me to be my best.

It was this feeling of support, inspiration and motivation that I wanted to bring to my cycling adventure tour company – Happy Trails. I want to people to come on an adventure where friends help each other to achieve and do things that they normally wouldn’t do themselves. Seeing this gives me an immense sense of satisfaction.

Discover Alpine Australia with Happy Trials Cycling Adventures, mamils, mamil sports, cycling, middle aged men in lycra

Ready for a day in the saddle.

So, I took my own advice, and that of my friends, and started a cycle tour business. Incorporating Alpine Ascent Tours in what I truly believe, is one of the hidden gems in world cycling – the North East Victoria Alpine Region of Australia.

Over stunning routes with spectacular scenery riders can visit wineries, breweries, sample local pub cuisine, stay in camping areas or 5 star resorts, see rivers and lakes, and enjoy quiet and safe roads – all are fully supported with a vehicle.

Discover Alpine Australia with Happy Trials Cycling Adventures

Paul with some happy customers.

With Peaks like Mt Hotham 1850m, Falls Creek 1500m, Dinner Plain 1600m, Mt Buller 1600m, Mt Buffalo 1400m, Charlottes Pass 1964m, Mt Wills 1700m, and rolling hills along the way, riding beside rivers like the mighty Murray, Kiewa, Ovens, Mitta Mitta and Thredbo, sitting around a campfire sharing a beer or wine and a story and how we rode that day, how hot it was, how windy or heavy the rain was, or how it was only 5 degrees in the middle of summer, and it didn’t matter because we inspired, motivated and encouraged each other all the way from start to finish.

Discover Alpine Australia with Happy Trials Cycling Adventures, mamils, mamil sports, cycling, middle aged men in lycra

Miles and miles of stunning, quiet roads.

This is what I want to share with people… an awesome and memorable cycling holiday experience. Some of the areas we ride have no phone reception, no TV and…not even WI-FI, omg no technology, except the kilometres ticking over on your Strava or Garmin device.

Whilst our region is so abundant with fantastic local wineries, breweries, berry farms, there are many activities and chances to play golf and catch fresh fish for your dinner.

Discover Alpine Australia with Happy Trials Cycling Adventures

It’s important to refuel – you’ve earned it !

Being fully supported we bring the kit and equipment for you allowing you to focus on cycling but also experience other activities like fishing, golf, swimming and camping should you want to.

We have rides from 1 day through to a 7-day tour, or we can customise a tour to suit your group. Bike hire is available from The Full Cycle bike shop in Albury and we can meet you to arrange a bike fitting. All you need to bring is your seat and shoes and we will correctly set you up for any tour. If you’re an overseas traveller, you can fly direct to Albury airport where we can pick you up, take you to your accommodation, and get your bike ready.

What do you get on a Happy Trails Cycling Adventure:

• Personally guided tour
• Carefully planned, safe routes
• Country experiences with camping and campfires (tents available for hire or self-contained
cabins optional extra)
• Local food, wines and beer
• Small friendly country towns and villages for beaks
• Great self-minded people
• Bike Hub to help you get started (if required)
• Complimentary skincare products – Alpine conditions can be tough, wind, sun, rain
• 5-star resort based rides
• Indulgence tour and fine dining
• Open roads and rail trails
• Epic – 1 day tour from Country to Coast 313km, 4000m elevation
• Iconic – Murray to Mountains tour 7 days 643km, 10,500m elevation
• Customised Tours for your group
• Accompanied by experienced cyclists and motivational coach

Find out more here:

Discover Alpine Australia with Happy Trials Cycling Adventures

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